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FR Skin Contest: Underglow (New) by Cat-Fishy FR Skin Contest: Underglow (New) :iconcat-fishy:Cat-Fishy 0 0 Maffel for Darkswirl by Cat-Fishy Maffel for Darkswirl :iconcat-fishy:Cat-Fishy 0 0 Miyuki Tumblr Icon by Cat-Fishy Miyuki Tumblr Icon :iconcat-fishy:Cat-Fishy 1 0 Tallest Miyuki by Cat-Fishy Tallest Miyuki :iconcat-fishy:Cat-Fishy 2 4 Bird Mom is Birdened by Cat-Fishy Bird Mom is Birdened :iconcat-fishy:Cat-Fishy 5 7 Owl? by Cat-Fishy Owl? :iconcat-fishy:Cat-Fishy 0 0 Geekenders Portal - You Can Talk? by Cat-Fishy Geekenders Portal - You Can Talk? :iconcat-fishy:Cat-Fishy 3 0 Geekenders Portal - Never Going to Space by Cat-Fishy Geekenders Portal - Never Going to Space :iconcat-fishy:Cat-Fishy 3 1
Portals of DOOM! Chapter 17, Computer
Allowing Skoodge to smuggle Tak into Zim's base had alleviated Computer's boredom for at least a few days. Defying Zim was always fun. Computer sometimes even disabled the security gnomes for the big-headed human smeet, Dib.
But Dib hadn't been there for a while. Not since he'd installed those new cameras. Computer was still waiting to see how long it took Zim to find those this time. And Zim hadn't noticed that Tak was hiding out in his own base, even though it had been several Earth days and Computer had dropped a few not-so-subtle hints. Then again, he did seem preoccupied with his self-appointed task of "rescuing Tallest Miyuki," and Zim had never been all that great at multi-tasking.
It wasn't much fun when Zim didn't figure it out, though. So here he was, waiting for Zim to notice Tak and blow up in anger. Figuratively, Computer hoped. Literally blowing up hurt. Being a house wasn't exactly a very interesting job, and, as Zim was technically still in exile and not even a real Inv
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Fabulous Fact (v2) by Cat-Fishy Fabulous Fact (v2) :iconcat-fishy:Cat-Fishy 0 0
Portals of DOOM! 16, Doug
Doug! Wake up! There's someone here!
But who could... Was he dead? He didn't know how he could be awake otherwise. Who would have woken him from suspension? Unless, of course, She was back online. He hoped not; if so, then he and Chell would die a horrible death by test chamber, and Cube would be incinerated.
No, we're not dead. Someone opened the box, and we're alive, but now you have to wake up because I don't know what they want, and – ouch! Stop poking me!
Not dead? Doug opened his eyes and blinked. It was dark, but there were two bright lights peering down at him. Blue and orange. He sat up suddenly, and the two robots jumped back, the orange one dropping the Companion Cube with a squeak.
"Oh. You found a rat. Congratulations. You must be proud."
Despite the sarcastic tone indicating that She was not, in fact, particularly impressed by this achievement, the two robots squealed and hugged. A deadly silence followed. Do
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Portals of DOOM 15, Lard Nar
The door to the control room burst open. "Boss! I found a thing!"
"What is it now, Spleenk?" Lard Nar groaned. The navigator for the Resisty was decent enough when it came to navigating, but otherwise he had a tendency to suggest terrible ideas. Ideas which the Vortian captain would inevitably listen to, resulting in... horrible things.
"Look," Spleenk said, handing over... over...
"That's a PAK!" He dropped it in his shock. "That's an Irken brain! Where did you get this?!" Lard Nar glared at the PAK on the ground, before noticing that it appeared to be inactive. "... Dead?"
"Uh, I don't know. Which Irken was it from? Can you fix it?" Spleenk did not seem to be nearly as disturbed by this information as his captain. Then again, Spleenk was not a Vortian. He had never helped design and build Irken tech, didn't realize how dangerous a PAK could be, even without a body. Not to mention the fact that it was a disembodied brain.
"I'm not sure. It looks like it's dead, bu
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Fabulous Fact by Cat-Fishy Fabulous Fact :iconcat-fishy:Cat-Fishy 0 5 Mommy's Little Killers by Cat-Fishy Mommy's Little Killers :iconcat-fishy:Cat-Fishy 2 0 Space Cops by Cat-Fishy Space Cops :iconcat-fishy:Cat-Fishy 0 0
PoD 14, Mr Chubby Beak
"I want you to go out and find the Lunatic. You don't have to bring her back to me, just make sure she's safe and report back to me. Maybe if you're lucky, she'll teach you how to murder things. She's good at that. Unlike you. Okay? Go, my little killers!"
Mr. Chubby Beak and his sisters flew out into the bright outside-place. Mommy wanted them to find the human. Mr. Chubby Beak hadn't exactly paid attention when they were supposed to be studying the human's face, so he just followed his sisters.
Eventually they found a trail through the yellow tasty grass. They followed it until they reached the human nests. Chubby Beak tilted his head at Marshmallow and Luna. He didn't know which human nest they were looking for. Did they?
"Which one?" Mr. Chubby Beak asked.
"Don't know. Check everywhere," Marshmallow replied. She and Luna flew off in different directions, leaving Mr. Chubby Beak alone.
Human nests were big, he decided, perching at a window. Window? That's what t
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Sinclair Family from Dinosaurs by EmilyStepp Sinclair Family from Dinosaurs :iconemilystepp:EmilyStepp 158 31 Recap Kid by DIN0LICH Recap Kid :icondin0lich:DIN0LICH 146 39 SU: Forgive and Forget by Sangled SU: Forgive and Forget :iconsangled:Sangled 258 28 Steven Universe: Foe Gemstones by Neodusk Steven Universe: Foe Gemstones :iconneodusk:Neodusk 4,249 451 It's Over, Isn't It? by ArbitraryLabby It's Over, Isn't It? :iconarbitrarylabby:ArbitraryLabby 214 38 Pink Diamond by ArbitraryLabby Pink Diamond :iconarbitrarylabby:ArbitraryLabby 262 26 The Master of Shapeshifting by BoneHatter The Master of Shapeshifting :iconbonehatter:BoneHatter 290 28 spoilers by drazzy-the-dragoness spoilers :icondrazzy-the-dragoness:drazzy-the-dragoness 210 58 Same Old World Comic by ArbitraryLabby Same Old World Comic :iconarbitrarylabby:ArbitraryLabby 304 55 PeriComix#02 by theEyZmaster PeriComix#02 :icontheeyzmaster:theEyZmaster 489 71 [Fanart] Peridemption by Themeguy [Fanart] Peridemption :iconthemeguy:Themeguy 210 20 Too Far by KAI314 Too Far :iconkai314:KAI314 469 48 Space Hoodie by ArbitraryLabby Space Hoodie :iconarbitrarylabby:ArbitraryLabby 203 7 Hammer Time by AccursedAsche Hammer Time :iconaccursedasche:AccursedAsche 703 69 Stargazing by ArbitraryLabby Stargazing :iconarbitrarylabby:ArbitraryLabby 281 4 Party Pooper Peridot by ArbitraryLabby Party Pooper Peridot :iconarbitrarylabby:ArbitraryLabby 148 7



Wow, I haven't been on dA much. I've only just started checking my watches last week after who knows how long (I could prob figure out but don't really care) and I still have almost 950 new deviations to look at... Steven Universe stuff, mostly. Peridot is killing me I love her so much and everyone's drawing her now I can't even. I haven't worked on my IZ/Portal crossover in a while and now I kind of want to make it a triple xover with SU? Quadruple with Gravity Falls? Or maybe quintuple crossover, Portal/Invader Zim/Steven Universe/Gravity Falls/Danny Phantom. Oh, but if I have DP then I have to have Harry Potter... What about My Life as a Teenage Robot, I miss that show, or Phineas and Ferb, and... I have a problem. Too many crossovers that I want to do all at once. I think I should stick to PortaZim for now, otherwise it's too complicated. Sometime later I want to write a super crossover, but not yet.
Today was my last day at my job. So now I need to start looking for a new job. Fun. On the bright side, after work I went to Petsmart because today was the last day of a sale and I wanted to get a few more female guppies while they're half off, but when I got there they were sold out. When I looked closer, though, I noticed some tiny fry in the otherwise empty tank, and I asked if I could have them; they would have been eaten as soon as the tank was restocked, so they wouldn't have survived anyways. They had to call a manager to find out if they could even do that, since they couldn't sell fry and weren't sure if giving them away for free was a thing. Their boss walked over, took one glance at the box they were in, and said, "I don't care, whatever. Sure, go ahead," and that is the story of how I got 6 free guppies today.
Looking back over this journal, I notice it's mostly random word vomit. Oops. Whatever, I'm tired, and it's not like anyone will read all of this anyways. Heh. I'm probs just talking to myself but I don't even care. Also dahub says I'm not active enough to earn points so maybe posting a journal will help idk I've been faving stuff but I guess that isn't enough. I need sleep. More sleep, that is. I was sick the other day and I'm still a little worn out. I overslept this morning. I woke up at 8 AM and thought, crap, I was supposed to be at work an hour ago. Yes, I was 90 minutes late on my last day of work. I am trash. Sleepy trash. Goodnight or whatever.
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